Cómo lidiar con el Jet Lag en su próximo viaje Home

Jet Lag is a phenomenon that arises in people who travel between countries that have a different time zone, and that mainly affects the crew of international flights, making it difficult for them to sleep and rest. At Central Apartamentos we give you these recommendations to deal with Jet Lag on your next trip.

Before traveling, it is advisable to change your body clock with small adjustments in your routine. This will help your body get closer to the time zone of the destination you will visit.

If possible, book a flight that arrives during the day. Sunbathing and walking outdoors stimulate the production of vitamin D and help the body better adapt to the new established schedule.

During the flight stay hydrated, avoid alcohol and foods with large amounts of salt.

At the travel destination, try to get the same amount of exercise as you do at home to keep your energy levels level. If you feel very tired, take a nap, but only for 30 to 60 minutes a day. Lastly, avoid taking sleeping pills that won't give you a good night's rest. If possible, rely on natural solutions to help you return to your normal state more quickly.

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