The best parks and green areas a few steps from Central Apartamentos

If you enjoy exercising outdoors, or just relaxing with a walk after an intense day of work, you can visit these parks a few blocks from Central Apartments..

Park of the93 Street 11A #93A-46

The 93 park, in addition to having restaurants and cafes, has different community activities for all visitors: chess, yoga, and tai chi sessions, among others, can be enjoyed for free. For more information visit the website:

Park The Chicó Street 7 #93-01

In the old grounds of a typical Bogota colonial hacienda, El Chicó park is located. In addition to having all kinds of flowers, water fountains and even geese, the park has a museum and different activities for children. It is undoubtedly one of the best kept treasures in Bogotá.

Park the Virrey

Between seventh race and north highway with 88th street El Virrey Park is an ecological park that extends from Carrera 7 to the north highway. It has a pedestrian walkway, water fountains for visitors and pets, rest areas and has a network of cycle routes. In the early morning and late afternoon it is common to find groups of people running and doing different exercises. It is an ideal space for outdoor sports.

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