Colombia “An Oscar” of tourism.

COLOMBIA was recognized in the World Travel Awards that were delivered in La Paz, Bolivia where Bogotá, Cartagena and Cali also received distinctions.

Colombia was chosen as the Main Destination of South America 2019 (South America's Leading Destination 2019) in the delivery of the World Travel Awards 2019, the international awards of the travel industry better known as the 'Oscar of Tourism', which were held on July 14, 2019 in La Paz, Bolivia.

Bogotá also won in the category of Leading Destination of Meetings and Conferences in South America 2019 (South America's Leading Meetings & Conference Destination 2019) and the Ágora Convention Center won the award as the Leading Convention Center in South America 2019 (South America's Leading Meetings & Conference Center 2019). In addition, Avianca won in the category as the 2019 South America's Leading Airline Brand.

Bogotá and its potential as a meeting destination: The Colombian capital has become a meeting venue for large events. According to the ranking of the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), Bogotá is the sixth city that holds the most congresses after Buenos Aires, Lima, São Paulo, Santiago de Chile and Panama, since in 2018 it held 46 congresses, which the it ranks 56th worldwide.

In addition, it has numerous convention centers and venues to hold world-class meetings, for example, the city hosted the XII Annual Conference of the Global Development Network (2011), the World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders (2016), the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates (2017), One Young World (2017) or the AWS Public Sector Summit - Amazon Web Services (2019).

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