Bogotá Shopping district

From Central Apartamentos you can walk to the most exclusive shopping centers in Bogotá.

For our guests who enjoy visiting the shopping centers, whether to go shopping or just to walk, here are three options so that from Central Apartments you can walk to dinner, shopping or simply enjoy the city.

Andean shopping center (Cra 11 # 82-71)

Near one of the most exclusive restaurant areas in the city, the T zone, is the Andino shopping center. There you will find various luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, and Tiffany. Also a food court on the top floor.

Retirement (cll 82 # 12-84)

All you have to do is pass Calle 82 heading south from the Andino shopping center to find El Retiro. This is known for its clothing and design boutiques, as well as finding Colombian artisan products. You can also enjoy Colombian food in La Plaza de Andrés, and if you are looking for a party you can go partying at the Andrés Carne de Res D.C. restaurant.

Atlantis Plaza (Calle 81 # 13-05)

Just 1 block west you will find Atlantis Plaza. With a very American flair, at Atlantis you can enjoy international fast food chains: Krispy Kreme, KFC, Hard Rock Café, and Chuck E. Cheese’s. Here you will also find movie theaters to enjoy a good movie.

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