Central Apartamentos is surrounded by cultural spaces

At Central Apartamentos we recommend five galleries and spaces dedicated to contemporary art that you should visit if you come to Bogotá.

Bogotá in recent years has become a benchmark for contemporary art. Fairs such as Artbo, artists such as Doris Salcedo and spaces such as Flora Arts Natura, just to mention a few, have given the city recognition in the Latin American art scene as a favorable place for the creation and commercialization of contemporary art. In this article we recommend five galleries and art spaces that you can visit near central apartments.

Gallery The Museum (Street 81 #11-41)

It is one of the most recognized galleries in the local art scene. Among the artists he represents are: Débora Arango, Fernando Botero, Álvaro Barrios, Luis Caballero and Nadín Ospina. They have comfortable and adequate spaces to appreciate the works. Hours: Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm and Saturday 11am to 7pm

La Cometa Gallery (Cra 10 #94A-25)

Galería La Cometa was established 33 years ago in order to contribute to the development of the local art scene, as a platform focused on the representation, exhibition and commercialization of Colombian and Latin American art. The gallery is a pleasant one to visit with sculpture terraces, reference libraries and a coffee area. Hours: Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm

Gallery LGM (street 13 #82-91)

Galería LGM is an art gallery dedicated to the commercialization of works of modern, contemporary and emerging art, of great aesthetic and conceptual value, coming mainly from creators, in addition to the Colombian, Latin American, Asian, North American and European secondary market. Hours: Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm

Beatriz Esguerra Art (Cra 16 # 86A-31)

Founded in 2000, the objective of this gallery is to promote the work of national and international contemporary artists, through consulting services, art commercialization, creation of art collections, curating exhibitions and artistic events.

Flora Arts Natura (Cll 77 # 20C-48)

FLORA is a space for contemporary art in Bogotá, with an emphasis on the relationship between art, nature and the body, which focuses on artistic training focused on practice, feedback and interculturality. It is without a doubt a different space that is worth visiting. Hours: Monday to Friday from 2 to 6pm.

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