At Central Apartamentos you don’t have to go far to listen to live music

Nightlife in Bogotá is intense and varied. You don't have to go far to hear live bands or DJs playing a variety of genres of typical Colombian music or music from around the world. From salsa to champeta you can find an offer of live music for all tastes. At Central Apartamentos we recommend these 5 bars to spend a good night out. Gaira Cafe (Cra. 13 # 96-11 Bogotá)

Gaira Café is a restaurant with flavors of Colombian gastronomy. It offers a variety of live music, such as cumbia, porro among other genres. It is located in the Chicó neighborhood in Bogotá and is managed by Carlos Vives and his brother Guillermo Vives.

Armando Records (Calle 85 # 14-46)

Armando Records is located on Calle 85, very close to Zona T. Armando is a three-story building: a terrace with a DJ, a floor with live music, and a lounge area. Armando Records is one of the most popular places in Bogota nightlife where every weekend you can find live music.

The place (Cra 11A # 93b-12)

The site is located in Parque de la 93. It offers a unique experience in terms of gastronomy and shows, its establishment is recognized by both locals and foreigners. Fifteen years of experience support his focus on entertainment where artists, musicians, comedians and composers have passed.

The Bandit Bistro (Cll 79b # 7-12)

Located in the north of Bogotá, on one of the main avenues we find the Bandido Bistro. A place with an incredible atmosphere, delicious food and good service, where you can taste the best French-style dishes. El Bandido is a place to spend time with friends in a New York atmosphere, with jazz and live piano.

Andres DC (Calle 82 # 12-21)

Andrés DC is the new urban headquarters of the well-known Andrés Carne de Res located in Chía, a town north of the capital. In the heart of Zona Rosa are its four floors inspired by the Divine Comedy: Hell, Earth, Purgatory and Heaven, where thousands of souls pilgrimage week after week to share, dance and smile. Its decoration, good food and live music make it an experience for visitors.

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